The Gift of Massage

Spring is here, and there are so many things to celebrate. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, Graduations are soon to follow, and then bring on the summer months!

I happen to be one of those lucky people with a July birthday. I say this because it creates an amazingly symmetrical schedule for receiving gifts, so I feel blessed. 🙂 My father is not the most creative gift giver, especially when it comes to choosing things for a young woman (not a big surprise right? I know you guys sometimes have trouble with this). Back when I was about 16 or so he started to ask me what I wanted a few months before each Christmas and Birthday. At the time I was working at Gibson’s Dairy, and had an aching right shoulder which I am convinced came from long hours with my arm reaching for softball sized scoops of ice cream (you know, one of those pesky repetitive use injuries). So on one occasion when a gift idea was needed, I suggested a certificate to see a massage therapist. Being the amazing Dad that he is, he got me a certificate for two massages! I called to book my appointments and spaced them about two months apart from each other. The massages were amazing, and really helped to heal my injured shoulder. It didn’t take much, I quickly became a massage junkie. But being young and of limited means, a massage every month was a bit out of my budget. But then June rolled around… and an idea was needed again for my birthday, so… you guessed it, a gift certificate for two more massages! And so the cycle began.

The Gift Certificates my dad consistently gave me supported my massage habit pretty much up until I decided to become a Therapist myself. Of course I did supplement them from time to time, because as I continued to receive massage I became more and more aware of the amazing benefits it was having in my life. It eased my stress through college and my first teaching jobs, it helped me to cope with some chronic pain due to scoliosis (interestingly enough in the same region as my ice cream shoulder injury), and it comforted and relieved me during  occasional struggles with anxiety. Massage became part of how I take care of myself, thanks to a Gift I received so many years ago.

This is the power of giving someone a chance to care for themselves. It’s an amazing way to show someone how much you care for them. It’s a way to say “Congratulations”, “Thank you”, or “I love you”.

So this Spring, I encourage you to share the gift of Massage. Give it to a teacher, a student, a mother, a sister, a wife or partner, or even just a friend. Or, ask for it for yourself.

I look forward to seeing you this Spring and Summer. Thanks for reading my story, now I’d love to hear about yours. How has a gift (massage or other) impacted your life?

Love and Light

❤ Jozie


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