Prepare and Lift off!

Today is day one of road trip 2012. Preparations began early with a run at 9:00 am (in the sweltering heat and 100% humidity, did I mention I’m not really a huge fan of running?) and then teaching a yoga class at 10:30 at Central Rock Climbing Gym.

Side note: I’ve been venturing into running lately, even though it’s not my favorite, because I like the way I feel after the run is done… Completely exhausted and full of life all at the same time. There will be more on that later.

Yoga consisted of lots of leg stretching and hip openers, because sometimes its best to just teach what you need, most likely others need it too. And then it was time to pack the car and hit the road. Which we did at promptly 3:00 pm.
It’s 11 pm now. We’ve taken a 1 hour dinner break (for yummy Vietnamese food) and a few short stretching breaks. That means its been about 6.5 hours driving thus far, and we’re still in New York. I guess that’s the thing about a road trip, it’s an exercise in just being, neither here nor there, but in between, just right where you are in each moment. It’s an exercise in being with yourself, with the song on the radio, with the person sitting next you.
I’m good with that, I like to just be.
So that’s it for now. We’ve prepared, we’ve lifted off, and now we are just being. In this car, in this moment, on this journey. Stay tuned.



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