Road Trip 2012

Maybe it’s the lingering effects of the full moon, maybe its the excess sugar coursing through my veins from the ice cream I consumed, or maybe it’s the excitement of getting ready to set out on an adventure of a lifetime tomorrow, but I can’t sleep. (It is late though, so pardon in advance any grammatical errors I may make)

Tomorrow Pete (my husband) and I are setting out on an attempt to drive across the country. I say attempt because we have two weeks, and no plans, except to see how far the road takes us. We hope to Montana, and Glacier National Park. We hope to see the west coast. I’ll be documenting our travels along the way by taking photos, and posting here. I’m nervous, but excited. My goal is to stay grounded, stay connected to myself and my experience along the way. Yoga will be a major part of that. So will all of my self care practices.

Some of you may know that I have an avid interest in Ayurveda, and really all things health related. I recently completed a 30 day Eat Green Challenge. Basically I tried to transform my diet to be mainly fruits and veggies, and very little else for the past month. I was somewhat successful. I say somewhat because pretty much every weekend I would forget the challenge, splurge a little, and inevitably feel the effects of my folly. The past two days (though it’s not quite the weekend yet) have been no exception. Dairy is not a typical part of my diet (except the occasional frozen yogurt or ice cream) and meat is an even less frequent venture (and consists mainly of sushi or other fish). What the Eat Green Challenge taught me, is that I really do not need these things in my diet. I really do not need animal protein or product of any kind. I know, I know, being vegan inevitably brings up the question, “but Jozie, how will you ever get enough protein?” You’ll find a few links at the bottom of the page to answer that question, because it’s too late and not the purpose of this post for me to answer it now. What is the purpose of this post?

I have been watching (as I am sure many of you have) in the past few days the 2012 Summer Olympics. The main thing I have been impressed with as I watch is the shear perseverance of these athletes. They train day in and day out for those few moments when they are in their element, doing what they were born to do. And at times they fail. Sometimes at very critical moments. Yet they do not give up. They get on the balance beam, or back in the swimming pool, or out on the track again after they have failed. I’m in awe. I’m inspired. This is what life is to me. This is my yoga.

So, even though in this past month I have faltered…I have gone days away from my yoga mat, I have had wayward weekends of junk food and sweets, I am human. And if humans can swim 100 meters in less than a minute, and flip themselves around 4 times in 3 seconds before diving gracefully into a pool (with no splash), then I can persevere and create the diet, body, life and mind that I want to create, even while on a road trip.

So basically, this was my long winded rant to say that I am committing myself to a healthy diet and lifestyle, even while roaming the roads of America (which are laden with greasy burger joints and sweet tooth traps). I am committing myself to a yoga pose in every state that we drive through (even if that means getting out of the car at 2am to strike a Down Dog), and I am committing myself to documenting it all here, for your viewing pleasure. So I hope you enjoy.

Happy Travels πŸ™‚



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