A Day in the Windy City

Day 3 of our Road Trip and my 31 blogs in 31 days ( I’m actually a few hours late on this one, so you’ll see two today to make up for it 🙂
What can I say? I was reveling in the beauty and peace that seemed to accompany a Sunday in Chicago. We drove in around 8:30 in the morning after an all night driving extravaganza. With Pete’s brother Josh and his lovely girlfriend Jamie as our hosts, we had a beautiful condo to stay in. So first on the self-care agenda was a shower and sleep. An air mattress has never felt so good.
Upon awakening at 2 in the afternoon it was time for a meal and some movement. Eating out is always somewhat tricky for me (being that I’m a veggie queen). So we perused menus and settled on a pub type place with some healthy options. Feeling rather depleted, I decided some animal protein would be ok today, and ordered the walleye (a classic midwestern lake fish) with red potatoes and green beans. It was buttery but tasty. I typically save such meals for when my body is truly craving them, and that usually when I haven’t been taking exquisite care of it (like when I’ve been on the road for about 20 hours straight). So anyways it was well consumed and appreciated.
The highlight of the day was a trip to Montrose beach, a lakeside doggy park. With Josh and Jamie’s beautiful husky Brady in tow, we headed down to the shore, a stretch of sand that quite resembles the ocean but does not have that salt air smell. As we stepped onto the fenced in beach all I could do was smile is amazement and miss my pup, Ollie wildly. He would have been in heaven, Brady and the hundred or so other dogs on the shore were. We stood, legs immersed in Lake Michigan, with dogs young and old, big and small, frolicking around us. I pondered the happiness of the human/ dog relationship and time spent in the fresh wind and water. If only every day could be spent like this. Words really can’t describe, so I’ll end with a photo (video is on Facebook) and sit back on our ride now to Madison, day dreaming of my puppy and the fresh air we’ll enjoy together soon.



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