Driving and Divergences

Apparently I only like to write on even numbered days, so today is another two for one.

Yesterday was a driving day. So I started with a little self-care yoga class at “the Studio” in Madison, Wisconsin. I love trying new yoga studios, new classes, new teachers. I love feeling like I am part of a much larger community of yogis, a community of people who like to sit still and be with themselves, who like to move their bodies in new and challenging ways, and who hopefully have a passion for making this planet a happier, healthier place, one breath at a time. The class was the perfect flow of challenge and ease, and the heat had me in a state of sweaty openness that I have grown to love. After the hour I was ready for road.

We drove on I-94 for hours. Through the rolling hills and farmland of Wisconsin, and across the flat corn field s of Minnesota. This country is beautiful. We stopped for a quick lunch at Subway (where I ate a veggie sandwich with avocado) and sampled “cake balls” (bite sized pieces of cake in a hard frosting shell) at a local hole-in-the-wall bakery next door. There were a few divergences yesterday, but I’m allowing myself to be human and persevering on the healthy diet for this trip none the less.

We reached Fargo, North Dakota around 8:30pm. We set up camp along side a lazy, muddy river in a camp ground full of RV’s. After a scramble to find a place that was open and serving food at 9:15pm, we had an Italian meal at the “Speak Easy” where our waitress chatted with us about our travels and enticed me into both the veggie lasagna, and chocolate cake! (Divergence #2 but it really didn’t take that much enticing 🙂

We returned to the camp, and slept like babies… Until the rain started. At first it was soft and pleasant, and then it began to thump down on the tent, and I questioned how much the river might rise (images of flash flooding floating through my dreams). We didn’t sleep much for about an hour until the rain started to calm.

Self care for the morning included a run around the park, a shower and a healthy breakfast of apples and buckwheat granola (which I scrambled to make the day prior to our trip). Now we’re on the road again, driving through the vastness of North Dakota. We’ll see where the day takes us, and as much as we plan to stay on the route we’ve devised, we’ll look forward to any divergences along the way. (such as this one 🙂



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