Big Sky Mountain Meditation

Mountains are the land of my heart. It doesn’t seem to matter what mountains, whenever I am around them my body relaxes, my mind clears, and my heart opens up wide.

We just spent two glorious days in the land of mountains and big sky, Montana. We stayed just outside of Glacier National Park, and spent our time exploring as much wilderness as we could. From waterfalls, to winding paths around mountain edges, to glacial lakes, this land is where my heart feels free.

Whenever I’m in places like this, I start to ponder what it would take to move and live here. It would take a lot. People often ask me why I choose to live in Worcester, the place where I was born. The answer is usually a simple, “because I like this city, and my family is here”. Worcester is home. My heart is as much connected to that city just like so many others in this country, as it is to beautiful, magnificent mountains. My heart is connected to the roots I have there, the branches of family and close friends. I can imagine living without them, but right now I choose not to.

Finding what your heart is connected to is important. That’s what this whole trip is about really. That and adventure (which is another thing my heart craves). But living just in your heart, and letting it take you wherever it wants can be very un-grounding. So I’m finding it important to remember and stay connected to roots on this adventure. Here’s a little mountain pose meditation I have been practicing, use it whenever you need to be grounded.

Stand (barefoot if possible) pressing your feet into the earth, spread your toes. Lengthen through your crown, let your arms relax by your side. As you breathe in deeply, imagine roots growing out of your feet, picture a person, place, or thing that makes you feel at home, loved. Let your arms rise above your head, drawing the sensation of connectedness up through your body, let your fingertips reach up into big sky, retain the breath at its fullest for just a moment, and then softly exhale. Notice your feet, notice your body, smile 🙂



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