Top 5 Self Care Travel Techniques

Most of you know that I preach a lot of self care, and I make it my business to teach techniques of self care that I find helpful. While on the road I have been refining the techniques I use which are most efficient and effective (because that’s what we’re looking for right?) So here are my Top 5 Techniques for Self Care while traveling. Enjoy!

1. Tennis balls. Pack a pair in your easily accessible travel bag. Pull them out as soon as you feel tightness in your shoulders/back/butt. You can lean against them, sit on them, have a pal roll them on your tights spots. Sooo good.

2. Abyhanga, or self oil massage. Self Massage is great for staying connected to your body while on long trips, relieving tired muscles, and keeping your skin nourished. Pack a small travel sized bottle of either sesame oil (non-toasted) or olive oil is fine too. Massage slowly into your skin moving strokes toward your heart, before or after showering.

3. Yoga. At a rest stop, at an airport, by your tent or in your hotel room, roll out your travel mat or just a towel and stretch your body. Poses that open your hips, shoulders, and low back will be most helpful. Pigeon, triangle, and standing yoga mudra are some of my favorites.

4. Eat Fruits and Veggies. It’s easy to get lost in the myriad fast food options. Plan ahead, visit a grocery store or farmer’s market and stock your cooler or travel bag with fresh fruits and veggies. Your digestive system will thank you later.

5. Drink h2o. That’s right, good ole’ water. Sodas, and coffee may seem like a good idea to keep your caffeinated and on the go, but ultimately they don’t hydrate your body and they typically contain sugar or sugary substitutes, and eventually leave you feeling more depleted. Water with a twist of lemon (carry the squirt bottle kind if you can’t bring the actual fruit) is very refreshing, and energizing. When your body is well hydrated you feel better. Period.

Thanks for reading. Happy travels!



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