Going with the Flow

There are times in life, and especially while on a road trip, where planning and mapping are futile. And while sometimes it can be difficult to let go of control, it’s in these moments where we “let go and let flow” where the greatest discoveries can be made.

Yesterday Pete and I were determined to make it to the shore of the Pacific ocean. We routed and re-routed, in an attempt to take the shortest trip possible. We wound up making a wrong turn somewhere. In my frustration and desperation for a beach, (any beach!) I consulted the “road trip guide book”. It suggested that the Olympic peninsula and Neah Bay, the farthest most northwest point in the country, would be a beautiful completion on a westward journey. So of course I decided we should go. What’s a few extra hours on a road trip of innumerable hours?

The push to get there, the anticipation, the back country dirt roads that had twenty minute delays due to being paved for what seems like the first time, were almost unbearable. But we continued to make our way through Port Angeles and along the Straight of Juan de Fuca, leading us into Makah Indian Nation, and Makah Bay.

Finally, 3 hours later, we arrived… At what felt like the edge of the earth. The waves rolling into the bay were 50 feet from our tent. The beach was isolated and practically empty, aside from a few stand-up paddle boarders, kayakers, and dogs running through the waves. I was exhausted, energy completely spent on journeying. I lay on the beach absorbing moist, cool, salty air. I let my mind slip into an abyss of waves and sunlight.

Letting go of control challenges my will. It challenges my drive to master, conquer, succeed. But letting go invites me into a deeper space within myself. It invites me into a softer, more feminine, accepting space. In this space I feel myself becoming more connected with my surroundings, trusting that the universe will provide and lead me to where I need to be.

So the journey continues, with I’m sure more “letting go and letting flow” to be done along the way. Hopefully the discoveries will be just as magnificent as this.


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