Sun Rise, Sun Set

Last night we drove through the vast, starry skies of Oregon. Sun roof open, we gazed upward at the milky way in all her glory. Trying to make headway in the long trek home, Pete drove deep into the night.

At 6:12 am, I awoke to the sun rising over a tractor trailer in an Idaho rest stop. I went inside, washed the bleariness out of my eyes and came back out ready to take over the wheel. After a few morning stretches to greet the day, I hopped behind the wheel and took off across the smokey landscape.

We drove all through the day, taking turns as needed. We drove through Grand Teton National Park and forest, and into the red landscape of Wyoming. It’s 8:18pm, and we’re still driving. I’m snuggled in the backseat amidst a pile of clothing, dry food, sleeping bag, and hula hoop, watching the sun go down. My eyes have regained their bleariness and my body is ready for rest. But watching this beautiful act unfold before me, I can’t help but feel amazed, grateful. This trip has been such an opportunity, to just open my eyes and look. To see the natural wonders of the land we live on, to see people in their array of differences and yet unifying similarities.

We all want a good life. A life filled with nourishment for our bodies, minds and souls. We want a little piece of happiness and serenity. I’m here to tell you, we really don’t have to look very far. It’s all here for us at the beginning and end of each day. All that we are looking for is deep within ourselves, in our ability to be connected, to be grateful for the simple, magnificent act, of the rising and setting sun.



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