Home. From the Inside, Out.

The long, winding, adventurous road trip of 2012, has come to completion. Pete and I are back home, in our lovely little nest, with our two perturbed (but happy to see us) kitties, and our dog (who just had the best vacation of his life at the grandparents).

Ahhh… Home, sweet home. The last days of our trip were an amazing exhibit of shear will to be back in the comfort of home. Pete drove an unprecedented 22 hours through some of the flatest, dryest, most unexciting (sorry its true!) parts of the country (namely Nebraska). But now we are reveling in the comforts of home (our own bed, bath tub, couch… you get the idea)

This has been leading me to wonder… what is it that makes home so good? What is it that makes this place that we live in fact our home?

I have always believed that home is not necessarily a particular place, it’s not a house, or an apartment, or even a tent on the side of the highways. But it can in fact be all of those places. Home is a place to take off your shoes, to hang up your jacket, and to say “ahh”. Home is a place to cook yourself your favorite meal. A place to settle in and read a good book. Home is a place to become still. We do not need a physical structure to do this, however building one can help us to bring ourselves into the inner space we need to feel this way. Home is really, ultimately, a space inside ourselves. A space that we can always go to, to find ease, comfort, energy, trust. Home is built upon the steady practice of settling. Perhaps this is why our physical structures help us to feel at home. They have mass to them, they literally settle onto the earth. The more we spend time in them, the more like home they become. This is true for our inner world as well. The more we spend time inside ourselves, the more we settle into this inner home. The beauty of building this space within yourself, decorating it with visions of whatever brings you peace, letting it grow roots deep within your body and mind, is that you always have it with you, no matter where you are.

So now that I am home, within my physical space, I am ready to keep going deeper. I am ready to keep exploring the internal world of home. Yoga, bodywork, meditation, it all helps us to get there. So come join me, in building your home, from the inside, out.


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