How to Achieve Your Goals, and Be Happy Doing So

happy new year 2013 on the beachIt’s the start of a new year! That means there is lots of fresh energy and abundant motivation to do all of the things you have always wanted to do! Like loose those ten pounds, eat a completely clean diet, exercise everyday, or keep your house immaculately clean… We tend to set really BIG goals for ourselves on January 1st.

But how often have you reached December 31st with those goals achieved?

How often have you gotten to February, or March, or even April, and those goals have started to look a little different?

The key to achieving your goals, and being happy while you do so, is to set realistic, attainable goals, and to approach them one day at a time, with love and compassion.

Here are my realistic goals for 2013:

  1. Eat a green salad once per day (most days)
  2. Move my body in some way, shape or form for 30 minutes once per day (most days)
  3. Go to bed earlier (most nights)

My goals this year are fairly small, and they allow for flexibility. I know that I will not meet all of these goals everyday for the rest of 2013. But I will approach each day with these small goals in mind. Here is how I came about setting these goals, you can use this approach to set goals for yourself that you will reach in 2013.

  1. Envision what you want for yourself. What does your day look like, what does your home look like, what do you look like, and most importantly how do you feel? Write it down, or draw it.
  2. What small steps can you take towards achieving this feeling? Or what small thing can you do each day to move towards this feeling? (Remember goals are not reached overnight, they take dedication, so choose things that you can commit to doing)
  3. Limit yourself to three action steps. Three things that you can do each day (or most days). Take note of how much time each thing will take you. Limit the time you spend on moving towards your goals to under an hour a day.
  4. Look at your schedule, and choose a time that you will commit to doing your action step, write it into your schedule! (Then you can check it off when you have done it and that feels really good!)
  5. Wake up each day and remind yourself of your goals. You can even write them on paper and post them somewhere you are bound to see them. Write them as affirmations… “I am moving my body today because I deserve to feel good in my body”… “I am eating a healthy breakfast because I deserve to nourish myself in the morning” or whatever it is… Move through your day with your goals in mind, and if you miss an action step one day, forgive yourself! There is always tomorrow.

By then end of 2013, I want to look at my daily life and see changes. I want to see that I have taken small steps towards improving my health and happiness. In 2014, I will set more goals, more small action steps. We change ourselves one day, really one moment or choice at a time. Here’s to you achieving your goals in 2013, one small step at a time.

Leave your comments, thoughts, or goals below, I would love to respond!



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