A Little Help From Our Friends

Yesterday I was having a bad day. For no reason. It was an “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed” kind of day. Sure there were underlying stressors, and of course some pregnancy hormones flying around that may have contributed to it, but really, it was just a mood, that though I tried and tried, I could not shift.

I tried to change it, I did. I tried everything in my tool box. Yoga in the morning, deep breaths, looking on the bright side, all of those things. But in the end, what I needed was a little help from my friends.

I didn’t realize I needed help until my mom called me at 11 o’clock and simply said “what’s wrong?”, and then I burst into tears describing everything that was wrong including the pile of dirty dishes and unfolded laundry that I just could not bring myself to take care of. She came over at noon, she did my dishes. HUGE WEIGHT LIFTED. Thanks mom.

I verbalized my grumpiness earlier in the day via Facebook, and when I logged back on later, so many people had posted words of encouragement. One friend gave a virtual hug. I SMILED.

When I got hungry for lunch, my refrigerator was empty, except for one bowl of perfect lentil soup a student had brought me for dinner the night before. I heated it up, and let that soup fill me with more warmth than I have felt in days.

I went to teach my girl’s yoga class. It’s a class for kids, but just happens to be a really sweet group of girls. We practiced and then made valentines. We laughed and chatted, and ate cupcakes one of them had brought. We shared words that reflected ways we could show love. CHARITY, KINDNESS, HUGS.

I asked my husband to make something for dinner. Something, anything out of the nothing we had in our cabinets. (It’s been a busy week, we need groceries). He made soup and cornbread, and it TASTED SO GOOD.

After dinner I paused. I reflected. My mood… my grumpy, this day is awful and I don’t know why mood, was gone. I thought about what I would teach my next yoga class. The song “I get by with a little help from my friends” came to mind, and I found this picture:

helpful panda

I reflected on all the ways I let others help me today. I reflected on how good it felt to ask for and receive help, how freely others had offered it. I went to my yoga class, I taught the students to connect to their breath, to connect to each other’s breaths. To breathe as one.

It feels good to help each other. Often times we help others so freely, so easily. What I learned yesterday, is that allowing others to help us is just as important. Give and Receive. Love and BE LOVED.


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