How to Write a Manifesto


I have been wanting to write a manifesto for awhile now. Why? Because a manifesto is about manifesting. Duh. Wikipedia describes a manifesto as “a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government”. Manifestos are a great way to let the world, or more importantly yourself, know what it is you intend, what it is you want, and what it is you plan to make happen for yourself.

Here’s how it started.

Big changes. I’ve been telling you all for a while, and perhaps you have been witnessing, that I am going through big changes in my life right now. My close friends will tell you I am always changing. I suppose, perhaps, this is true. I have been on a life-seeking mission for well, my whole life. I like to grow, I like to learn, I like to evolve. Lately I am evolving into a new kind of human… a mother.

Last night I had a dream. In my dream a close friend was telling me all about how she wanted to change her life, quit her job and work for herself. But she couldn’t. In my dream I was encouraging her to say why she couldn’t do this, to name what it is that stops her. She fumbled for words, but finally verbalized that fear, fear is what stops her. Fear of the unknown, the insecure, the risk of failure.

My friend is me. In the dream, I played the role of my higher self. I woke up feeling confused, and yet grateful. Once I dissected the dream, I realized that this is my subconscious fear. I have been moving through this fear for some time now, giving up a world of security for a life built on doing what I love. But sometimes, many times… I am still afraid.

So, like my higher self was telling my subconscious in my dream last night, I told myself today, to face these feelings. To name them, and stare them in the eyes. In doing that I wrote this manifesto. After I share it with you I will tell you how to write your own.

I will live simply. 

I will raise and nurture my child, being his primary care taker.

I will have time to create, learn, play, and grow with him.

I will teach others how to enjoy and be fully engaged in their lives.

I will do this through yoga, meditation, art, healthy living, and play.

I will impact my family first, the rest of the world second.

I will stay close to the earth, take from her only what I need, and give back as much as I can.

I will love. Freely. Openly. Honestly.

I will play. Uninhibited. Every day.

I will be joy. For myself. For my family. For those who want to be joy too.

This is My Manifesto.


Step #1 to writing your own manifesto: Decide what you want, what you intend. Decide what is most important to you.

All of those “I will’s” began as “I want”. The key to letting your manifesto actually manifest, is to believe it, to believe that it will actually be so.

Step #2 to writing your own manifesto: Start to write. Just do it, don’t let anything hold you back. Fear, judgement, insecurity, doubt will all try to rear their ugly heads. Let them, but write anyways.

Step #3 to writing your own manifesto: Change the “I wants” to “I wills” and believe them.

Step #4 to writing your own manifesto: Make your manifesto pretty. Make it appealing to your eye. Use nice pens, colored paper, whatever you want. Make you manifesto something you want to read and look at everyday. (I’m working on this step now, I’ll share it with you when I am done)

Step #5 to writing your own manifesto: Share it with someone. A manifesto can not manifest if you do not let at least one soul know about it, even if it is your dog.

So that’s it. Now go, do, manifest. I appreciate that you read My Manifesto. I would love to read yours. You can post it here (use your bravery let the world know!), or send it to me at 🙂





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