Are you Ready to Transform?

There is a full moon out tonight. 20111011MoonTrees

There was a lunar eclipse at 2:05pm today, it was not visible to us here in North America.

There will be two more eclipses within the next 30 days. One solar, and another lunar.

Why is this significant? Because from everything I have been reading, eclipses present us with a unique opportunity to transform. That is, if we chose to.

The moon follows a cycle, each month (or so), every month, all year, every year. We learn this from a very early age when our parents point up at the sky and say “look at the moon”. Maybe you pay attention to the cycle of the moon, maybe you don’t, but for most people the energetic pull of a full moon is undeniable. The full moon in all of it’s brilliant light gives us an ecstatic energy, the new moon allows or asks us to rest. We can choose to tune in to the energy of the moon and use it’s offerings to our benefit, or we can go about our lives barely glimpsing at the sky or noticing it’s pull.

In the same way, we can chose to transform.

The thing about transformation, and gazing at the moon, is that they take letting go. To gaze at the moon you must let go of your busy life for a few moments, look up, and receive. You must let go of the concern that people might think you are a crazy person, or worse a Werewolf, if you choose to howl. To transform you must let go of whatever it is that is keeping you, binding you to your current state.

Sometimes we are not ready to transform.

Six months ago I was being pulled to transform. My situation in life was no longer serving me. But I was bound to it, bound to the direction I thought it could go. Even when I trusted myself to let go of the situation, I didn’t fully allow myself to transform. I couldn’t let go of everything all at once. This is normal. It is difficult to let go enough to completely transform in an instant, for most people it’s impossible. And that’s OK. So I let go a little bit.

Each month, like the pull of the full moon, I have felt this pull to transform more and more deeply. I have tried again and again to continue letting go, at times with success, at times without. But the longer I hold on to my attachments, the stronger I feel the pull. And the thing about attachments is that they are based in the ego.

So if the things about transformation is that you need to be able to let go, and the thing about attachments is that they are based in the ego, then in order to transform one needs to let go of the self. Simple logic really.

True transformation takes place when you step into the unknown.

In ancient times, and maybe still to this day in certain cultures, eclipses were scary events. A darkened sky during the height of the day. The sun shaded over by some mysterious object. The moon suddenly vanishing from the night sky. People did not know what was happening. They did not know if their beloved sources of guiding light would ever return. But when they did return, they celebrated. The light seemed even more beautiful then before.

When you ask yourself, “Am I ready to transform?” what is your initial answer? I find in this culture we always think we are ready. Ready for the next best thing. Ask yourself again, “Am I ready to do the deep work of transformation? Am I ready to let go of the person that I know myself to be? Am I ready to step into the unknown, trusting that I will emerge on the other side more brilliant than I was before?” Listen now to your gut, to the deepest most honest place inside of yourself, and honor whatever it says.

It’s OK if we are not ready. There will be more opportunities. The moon will make it’s monthly cycle, eclipses will happen again next year. If the pull is not strong enough to have you leaping out of your seat ready to howl now, it will be, someday. You just have to watch for it, listen to it, attune yourself to your inner world. Start by gazing at the moon.

But don’t miss it. Don’t go your whole life saying “oh there will always be another chance”. Because that’s the thing about this crazy world we live in, sometimes there isn’t.

So go, gaze at the moon. Let go. Howl. And when you are ready to transform, do it. (But hopefully not into a Werewolf) wölfe vor dem mond



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