Swedish / Relaxation

This hour-long treatment will soothe and nurture your body and mind. With warm oil and long gliding strokes, Swedish massage improves circulation and relieves muscle tension as well as reduces toxins held in the tissue. Perfect for achieving a state of bliss!

Deep Tissue

This treatment is aimed at targeting chronic muscle tension. Similar to Swedish massage with a bit more spice, deeper strokes and intention help to break up muscle “knots” and promote relaxation.

Regional Massage

Used to treat specific injuries or areas of tension, this treatment will combine Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage techniques such as stretching and Myofascial Release.

Prenatal Massage

A massage designed for women during pregnancy. From the first weeks to the last, this massage technique will address your specific needs and nurture you and your baby. Pillows and bolsters are used for support on the table to make you superbly comfortable.

Hot Stone Massage

A luxurious treatment using heated stones. The stones are placed on areas of the body to warm and relax tight muscles, as well as used as extensions of the therapists hands. The result is a soothing and therapeutic experience like no other. (add $15 to length of time desired)

Ayurvedic Massage

An ancient technique, this massage uses warm sesame or coconut oil and focuses on soothing and calming the central nervous system, allowing for deep rest and relaxation. Attention to the abdomen and upper torso/breast region is included in this treatment. (add $15 to length of time desired)

Happy Face and Feet Massage

This hour long treatment combines a facial treatment complete with cleanser, scrub, mask, head/neck/face massage, and a foot mask and massage. The masks and scrubs used are all natural, and organic. Steamy towels and cooling rose water eye compresses make this treatment a luxurious treat. Can be done alone or combined with a 90 minute full body massage. (add $20 to either a 65, or 90 minute treatment)



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